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When Joey meets Chandler

Meet Barney Stinson,if you haven't so far ie. And if you haven't, you poor thing, you have missed on a very LEGENDARY thing. He is the perfect womanizer ( inherited from Joey) and has the best lines of the lot( as in Chandler), in the show "How I Met Your Mother". So, even though the series protagonist is Ted Mosby, Barney remains the most favorite character on the show. Played by Doogie Howser kiddo (not any more),Neil Patrick Harris, Barney has some of the brilliantly written lines ever, more famous to fans as Barneyisms. Wanna some taste of it?

"You broke up with a porn star? Friendship over. Friendship over!"

"Phone Five!"

"one of the similarities between girls and fish... they are both attracted to shiney objects."

"There are only two reasons to date a girl you've already dated: breast...implants"

The list is endless and it gets funnier, exponentially. If you loved the "how you doin' of Joey and the closing lines of Chandler, you'll definitely love Barney.Suit UP!!Catch him on How I met your Mother.

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