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Prison Break s03.The story so far.

It is one of the most watched TV series not only in the US, but across the world. For the uninitiated, Prison Break revolves around the exploits of Michael Scoffield and his brother Lincoln Burrows, and their constant efforts to get back to a normal life. While Season 1 was about Michael attempting to break out of Fox River with Lincoln, Season 2 was devoted entirely to the manhunt and this introduced us to one of the best characters of Prison Break, FBI agent,Alex Mahone. Season 3 premiered on Sep,17,2007 in the US and after airing 8 episodes, the show has now gone on a hiatus. So what new have we seen in Season 3. Read on to know more.

We have seen the entry of some new characters like the gang leader in Prison Sona-Lechero, the guy on the company's wanted list-James Whistler, his girlfriend Sofia, and of course the Company woman Susan aka Gretchen. And yeah, a major character got removed, Dr.Sarah Tancredi. The story takes off from where Season 2 left. Michael is imprisoned in Panama's prison Sona along with T-Bag,Mahone and Bellick.While Lincoln tries to rescue him, he is contacted by the company to instruct Michael to break out of prison with a man called James Whistler, in return of his son Lincoln Jr. and Sara's life.Michael, given the genius he is, plans out for an escape route. He plans, he fails and the entire Sona security gets after him. Episode 8 shows the army taking him out of Sona and taking him to a different prison. I really can't wait to see what happens next.The scene to lookout is when Michael walks out of Sona and T-Bag,Whistler and Lechero look at Michael helplessly thinking of what would happen to the escape route since Michael is gone. Season 3 continues on Jan 14,2008 with the episode "Dirt Nap".

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