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New Blogger Layout

I was kinda bored with the previous blogger layout on this blog. So this morning when I woke up, I just thought to myself, why not get a new template to myself. I know, once you start thinking that, you start questioning which is the best template and where do I find it? There are a zillion of Blogger templates available everywhere across so many websites, and one of the best ones is the library of all thing web2.0, and that's Mashable. It's got a wonderful library of Web 2.0 2 and 3 column blogger templates all for free. But the list didn't do much for me. So went ahead and looked for more, until I found this Blogger Template which I'm using on a site called freshbloggertemplates.blogspot.com/
This Template can be downloaded from this link.I hope you like the profile change that I have done.The greatest thing I like about the entire layout change is the amount of writing space I have now. It's much better and larger than the previous one. Well, the previous one was similar to my Techkeyla blog layout.

Image Courtesy:http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/

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