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New Blogger Layout

I was kinda bored with the previous blogger layout on this blog. So this morning when I woke up, I just thought to myself, why not get a new template to myself. I know, once you start thinking that, you start questioning which is the best template and where do I find it? There are a zillion of Blogger templates available everywhere across so many websites, and one of the best ones is the library of all thing web2.0, and that's Mashable. It's got a wonderful library of Web 2.0 2 and 3 column blogger templates all for free. But the list didn't do much for me. So went ahead and looked for more, until I found this Blogger Template which I'm using on a site called freshbloggertemplates.blogspot.com/
This Template can be downloaded from this link.I hope you like the profile change that I have done.The greatest thing I like about the entire layout change is the amount of writing space I have now. It's much better and larger than the previous one. Well, the previous one was similar to my Techkeyla blog layout.

Image Courtesy:http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/

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Life is sometimes Funny enough

Check this out

And well this one too...!!

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Lord of the Rings:Extra Squeezed

The name says it all. Watch this!

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Moments-1

This is one of many many to follow. Why? Because, like millions across the world, I am juts another huge Friends Addict. This one's from TOW Phoebe's Uterus.

Monica: (to Chandler) So, did you do it?

Chandler: Yes, yes, we had the sex.

Monica: Uh-oh, it was bad?

Chandler: It was fine, y’know? But she didn’t agree with me as strongly as she agreed with Joey. She was more like, "I see you point, I’m all right with it."

Monica: Well, it was the first time. Y’know, there’s not always a lot of agreement the first time.

Rachel: Yeah, not girls anyway, guys agree (snaps her fingers) like that.

Chandler: Look, you have to help me! Okay? I mean, I know what to do with a woman, y’know, I know where everything goes, it’s always nice. But I need to know what makes it go from nice to, "My God! Somebody’s killing her in there!"

Monica: All right, I’m gonna show you something a lot of guys don’t know. Rach, give me that pad, please? (She does so and Monica starts drawing on it) All right. Now…

Chandler: Look, you don’t have to draw an actual wo—whoa! She’s hot!

Monica: Now everybody knows the basic erogenous zones. (She starts labelling them) You got one, two three, four (Chandler is shocked to find out there’s more than three), five, six, and seven!

Chandler: (shocked) There are seven?!

Rachel: Let me see that. (Monica shows her) Oh, yeah.

Chandler: (Points to one) That’s one?

Monica: It’s kind of an important one!

Chandler: Oh, y’know-y’know what, I was looking at it upside down.

Rachel: Well, y’know, sometimes that helps. (She realises what that could’ve meant.)

Monica: (continuing) Now, most guys will hit uh, 1-2-3 and then go to 7 and set up camp.

Chandler: That-that’s bad?

Rachel: Well if you go to Disneyland, you don’t spend the whole day on the Materhorn.

Chandler: Well you might if it were anything like 7!

Monica: All right uh, the important thing is to take your time, you want to hit ‘em all, and you mix ‘em up. You gotta keep them on their toes.

Rachel: Oo, toes!! Well, for some people. (Chandler eyes her and her toes.)

Monica: All right. Umm, you could uh start out with a little 1, a 2, a 1-2-3, 3, 5, a 4, a 3-2, 2, a 2-4-6, 2-4-6, 4, (Rachel starts getting worked up) 2, 2, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7, …7..…7…7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7…(mouths 7)! (They both lean back on the couch satisfied.)

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Shoot the Load

I wanted this post to be on my other movie blog. And then I decided not to. Just because I wanted to add so much adult content into this blog that it'd make all my readers (who are very conservative by nature, I know them coz they are just a bunchful who just can't take jokes having the word 'sperm')feel offended and consequently lose my reader(s) base. So here I am writing it here on a blog with an adult name(One Knight Stands, c'mon it is at least PG13). So wtf!!!! I have been writing a long long intro for this ,and what is it all about? This is the official slaughter, the public 'vastraharan' of a movie which stars all my favorite actors and Monica Belucci(she ain't an actress, c'mon her boobs are real).I'm talking about this movie called Shoot 'em Up starring Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. I walked in the theater a bit late actually 5 mins after the movie started. So, I really did not get enough time to settle down at ease. Add to that I hit someone's knee in the dark (Thank God I didn't squeeze someone's groin, that's happened to me but its forgiven). There I was, had just rested my ass on the seat , totaly clueless what the f was happening. Clive Owen leathered up in black with Guns and talking more with the barrel and Bam Bam Bam! There's this pregnant lady whom he's trying to save. And hey there's Paul with his leather gang and Uzis and Mp5s fly around, and Mr.Clive Owen does the avahan of the Rajnikanth avatar. He flies, he rolls, he slides on grease and his leather jacket manages to get ...wait for it...no spots at all. Was it leather or Teflon? And then the climax of the first of many action sequences that were to unfold. Mr.Clive shoots at the Neon sign on the roof, to spell
"F U K..... U". Paul replies "F U K.. U... T O O". Now that's original right! And did you know the best thing? All this while Mr.Clive had a newborn baby in his front pocket of his leather jacket.Sab Prabhu ki Maya hai.

Don't worry about the story. There's a lot of Monica Darling ,if you know what I mean. I am going for the Unrated DVD version. Coz, the local theater here edited the essential portions.And yeah one action sequence involves Mr.Clive(ok, here on I'll call him Smith, coz that's the supposed name of the Top Secret Character he plays) and Monica darling making "Love" and Mr.Smith rolls over and notices danger and shoots his load( in both ways). Accompanied by his awesome witty lines and a Karamchand-isque carrot chewing(He even has the famous Bugs Bunny dialogue). Paul Giamatti is deprived of the good lines it seems and is seen to be tormented by a naggy wife. The frustration can be seen in the sexual tension he oozes out on poor Monica darling's spotless thighs. And yeah, when Smith again manages to fuck him over, what does he say...here's the dialogue of the movie..referring to Paul's previous movie-" Fuck me Sideways". That's brilliant mate!

And yeah the stunts are top notch. It involves poking of carrots to the eyes, shooting on the bars of a merry go round to make it revolve round and round, using ropes to manipulate guns in a gun warehouse, u make up the rest. I bet you'd be damn close as the director.
And just when I thought I had seen it all in a movie, Shoot em' Up suprised me with the climax. Smith shoots Paul in the heart, ejected his lump of flesh and the camera rolls down from his shoulders to his waist, and there is a hole from which I can see his heart beating and Mr.Smith is standing on the other side. Woo Hoo. I love this movie.............NOT.

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Live Storms Review

I will not say the names of the sponsors coz they aren't paying me to write this. Let's just say it was at KP, near FRTDS and was sponsored by ST. I went in at around 7:20 pm and Trees on Fire were almost at their climax. Darn! And I could see Chris , the guitarist of Strange Brew by the bar.

Strange Brew( Adbhut Paey, I just tried to add some humor content to begin with, I know it fell flat on the face)- One of Indian Rock scene's veteran rock bands. I have probably seen them the most number of times live than any other band-Indian or International, or is it Vayu?( The only International Concert I have been to is the Aerosmith concert @ Bangy and that kicked ass. Okay, I do get drifted away sometime , but well, its my Blog.).Coming back to Strange Brew. Chris is an awesome guitarist. My friend(Rishi, the bassist from Silver) says , that Strange Brew had judged him(I mean his ex band-Carnage) at IIT KGP-Springfest.The thing about being so experienced is well, you can see it onstage. The entire band chemistry, the correct timing between the drummer and the guitarist, the silly looking smiles in between over mistakes perhaps and the attempts to cover them up efficiently, all of these come to existence only with time, and all the noob bands just don't have it yet.

Whenever there is a Strange Brew Concert, whether its at Soul, or Jazz Gardens, or NJJBTB( you figure that out), there is this perfect blend of classic rock and psychedelic(read FLoyd), and with a tinge of Grunge minus the metchal.But it had been quite long for me since I attended any of their live performances( Pune has been on a hiatus for a while now). Until yesterday, Strange Brew shook the crowd at Soul,KP. The vocalist is now the bassist, coz the bassist left. The playlist was a bit predictable with usual inclusion of yesteryear's rock anthems. F.O. to the O.C.'s . I just laid back and enjoyed them. Van Halen-Jump,Floyd-Coming Back to Life, Doors-Love me Two Times, Pearl Jam-Alive, Deep Purple-Black Knight, Floyd-Comfortably Numb, Led Zepp-Rock n Roll,Bad Company-Can't get Enough, aah the playlist just seems like a Mix Tape of Classic Rock favs.And the thing about the Coming Back to Life Guitar Solo is -I'd listen to it over and over again and never get enough of it.Its so much better than any friggin metal riff (You might have formed the opinion that I m not by any stretch of imagination a metal warrior, lemme tell ya, I swear by Hetfield) You sometime get the best of the best at a single place. Boo you boozers. You should have had Chicken Classic Soup at Soul.(Somehow that sounds familiar to a book). Its heaven for 60 bucks.SLURP.

Anyway,SB ended with their O.C.-No Time.The video is below. The only complaint that I have is-Chris , you can bend your Les Paul and create the most melodic of guitar solos written by the Rolling Stones rulers. Why oh Why, then can't you write some of your own ? I mean the O.C. seems a bit mediocre and a safe kinda catchy sound.(No offense)

Its easy to be a lead singer;its easier to be a music critic.

When Strange Brew exited, it was RLA(Retro Legendary Act)'s turn to take the stage. (I thought the name was Retro League Act, which is way cooler than Legendary). First song, Coming Back to Life. I have seen them live, but from song 1, it just felt that this wasn't their night. The vocalist just cannot put the entire stage act together. The entire stage vibe wasn't at all right. I do respect the lead guitarist( given that RLA is totaly guitar driven and the frontman is actually the guitarist not the vocal guy, and also the guitarist looks like my ex-Proj Manager), but to do Coming back to Life after Chris had just done it on the same stage a few minutes back. Umm..what should I say. Round 1:Score:
Strange Brew:1 : RLA:0

What upset me most was the vocalist was always looking for cues from the guitarist. Looks so amateur. And he even missed out so many of them. For Christ's sake-Mirrors on the ceiling (Hotel..whatever) ..he missed that out.
Firstly,I thought, what the firangs out there would be thinking when they started when RLA started playing Hotel Cal-" Do they still play this song ?"
And when the vocalist missed it out,-"Can't they still play this song?"
I mean, I can wake up in the middle of the night at 4 am , and I can begin with-Mirrors on the ceiling. The guitarist again came to the rescue and well saved the day for RLA(almost) by giving a rumba beat twist to Hotel Cal. I could see Chris observing the guitarist with a grin.LOL. I did enjoy singing along "I want to Break free" coz well QUEEN IS WHAT I WORSHIP, after AEROSMITH and before METALLICA.

A similar grin was noticed when the solo of "Bheegi Bheegi" was played. Talking of Bheegi Bheegi , they played an extended solo version of it. Pritam would be so proud. Highway Star-oh my God, the drummer butchered it. He missed out the pause and hit timing after the Keyboard solo. I felt so offended and I walked out.

Event Rating:
4 on 5 for Strange Brew coz they played Rock n Roll and Coming back to Life
2 on 5 for RLA coz they butchrd Highway Star, Comin back to Life and dragged along Hotel Cal.
Trees on Fire- missd out on you. SORRY! But I heard that the guitarist has a warlock and he plays on a clean tone. Hilarious. (No offense again). I'm sure to make a few enemies after this.

In the words of REM" That's me in the corner(right below)". The guy in the middle is Rishi and I just got cut into halves.



Pics Courtesy: Drummingworld.com

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