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I tried to sing Grace Kelly

Yeah. I swear I did. I did not sound close to Mika.Not even by a mile. Here's the video I have uploaded on Youtube(what else). I hope you enjoy it. Do comment about it.

Yeah yeah,I know the piano sucks. But all in all, not that bad at all. Bravo Sujoy!! Hehe
For all those who don't really dig this kinda music, there goes a proverb- What will a monkey know about the taste of Ginger!! Go listen to some music yeah!

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MTV killed Music

While millions across the world would disagree with what my headline says, but it is true to a certain extent. Well, technically, music cannot die of course. But yes, a channel which is named Music Television, hardly plays Music anymore. And this is true, not only for its American parent, but also for the other children that it has spawned across the world from Brazil to India to Australia to Russia to Europe. MTV is now more into "Reality Programming" and hardly plays full songs even in its musical shows like TRL. Reality Shows like Pimp My Ride, Jackass et al have taken the prime slot in MTV Programming. Even in MTV India, shows like Roadies and Wear their Skin, MTV Style etc. have become MTV's lineup .

The best thing to happen was , Justin Timberlake's award acceptance speech at this year's MTV VMA.
After snubbing three cute girls from MTV’s The Hills (Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port), who were supposed to present Timberlake with the honors, Justin took the mic from producer Timbaland and said:

Play more damn music videos, MTV.

We don’t want to see… the Simpsons on reality television,

said Timberlake upon accepting the award, referring to MTV darlings Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.
Play more videos
Later, when accepting another honor, the Quadruple Threat Award, Justin Timberlake reiterated,
I want to challenge MTV to play more videos!

Seriously MTV play some music.Not Himess .

Gone are the days when this used to happen on VMA

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Britney oh Britney

I know the top two videos roaming around Youtube right now have a common keyword. And that is BRITNEY.
The first one is the one that started it all. The MTV VMA performance. I will not post the Youtube Link, coz well that is against my ethics. So, I'll post the pic instead.LOL

And the second one. Ok here's the clue. Just search Leave Britney Alone on Google and you'll be hit by this massive hurricane of video results of a certain Chris Crocker. I'll leave you with this riot of laughter Youtube Special.

Needless to say, this video even spawned other spoofs on Youtube with titles like:
Chris Crocker's father:Where did I go wrong;
Leave Chris Crocker alone...et al.

The dude has even made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Leave American Television alone.Hail Youtube.

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Memory Man

Steve Wiltshire commits to memory all the minute details of city Rome from an aerial view and puts it down to paper ,accurately down to the last inch. Do we call him the Memory Man.See it to believe it.

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High Speed Camera Capture

More cool than it sounds.See it to believe it.

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Things that only happen @ the Movies

Okay. I found this on a certain site I can't remember properly. And well, I'm adding my list too into it. I'm sure I'll be back with a v2.0 for this one. For now here we go. Just don't fall from the chair.

Top 10 things that only happen @ the movies.

1. Passionately kissing someone who, until just a second ago, you thought you despised.
2. Losing all 14kg of pregnancy weight in the time it takes to OW-OW-OW-AWWW! birth the baby.
3. People leaping up to stop the wedding.
4. Thirty seconds of passionate sex and then bam! - she has an orgasm.
5. Wearing a bra while having sex.
6. Working as an unpaid intern at a fashion magazine and getting an entire couture wardrobe totally free.
7. Discovering that your cat can talk, your boyfriend can fly or there's an alien living in your toolshed.
8. Inspired, poetic, spontaneous 'I love you' speeches.
9. Day after day of perfect skin and buttery highlights.
10. Tom Cruise, always looking tall.

11. The most user friendly UIs on the most high-end state of the art Machines.
12.Virus gets loaded when it shows RED.
13. The Computer shut's down cos Monitor is shot .
14.Your car accelerates faster because you shift a gear up.
15.Buddy cops causing enormous amounts of damage to city (and private) property with no accountability.
16.Enemies are always horrible, horrible shots with their weapons, but you rarely miss.
17.The child wiz-kid cop-out. See Jurassic Park. The famliy is trapped and the security systems are down and password protected. The dinosaurs are closing in. The 8-yr old daughter announces "Wait, this is UNIX! I know this stuff!", then proceeds to fix everything with a few sudden keystrokes.
18.I punch you. You punch me. I punch you. You punch me. It goes back and forth, because neither of us wants to go down. Our. Heads. Are. Made. Of. Fluffy. Pillows.

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11 Posts Later

Yeah so..what is OKS(I hope one day, this should be how it should be known) all about? I have covered a wide range of topics so far. From iPod desires to American TV Series to Ads to Indian Movie cliche and well, some humor thrown here and there. Well, to start with, OKS is about me,and my insanity and my fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled desires. iPod desires and desires for all things Apple are just mentioned here to state the fact that I LOVE APPLE. No,not the fruit ,you moron. This is very different from my other blog Techkeyla where I write about technology and blogs and all that stuff at length.OKS is more about you know the child in me who cries for the moon, only the moon here has a clickwheel or a dynamic touchpad. OKS is my ventilator where I vent out what I like, what I don't like about the world, about Television, about my day, about the night when I don't sleep, with all the philosophical content being dumped into the trash bin. So, while you might find my blog Tathastu has some philosophical content, and well glimpses of me reflecting on my past in some form of poetry (yeah,right...some form..you be the judge), OKS doesn't have that. It is all straight in your face and all out there. Peace. I'd soon start a new humor section here which would be shockingly,serious. LOL.
Hope you enjoy reading me BLOG.

P.S. OKS stands for One Knight Stands.

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\m/ YEAH!

Check this cool cool ad!!!!
This is exactly why good ADs rule. This one's for Hard Rock Cafe.

Only music can travel across boundaries.

Advertising Agency:
Catevo Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Bismarck Dias
Art Director: Noor Rizvi, Shashi Parvatkar
Copywriter: Melvin Jacob John

For the full image go here.

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Sara's Dead!

Yes. Biggest Shocker for Season 3 of PB. Well the rumors had been fl0oating for quite some time, but its official now. Episode 3 ends with Lincoln at the garage and opening a parcel , all freaked out. Episode 4 reveals its Sara's...Anyway, Sarah Wayne Callies , who plays the role has been taken out from the Series because she refused to negotiate with the series makers. She got pregnant and well the plot , that was made to fit her pregnant status did not quite fit the bill for the Network. Hence, beheaded. Sara happened to be one of my favorite characters on PB, as she reflects Scoffield's only sane side ( I mean, Scoffield is more like a superhuman, close to Shikamaru , a perfect strategist).
But with Sara gone, how will Scoffield be motivated to rescure Whistler and break out from Sona. Will Lincoln tell Michael? Or won't he to bargain for L.J.? Season 3 is already making me go nuts. Go Scoffield Go. You rule!!!
I am also very excited about the plot of the Whistler guy. Whatever he did, no matter how bad, I have a gut feeling though, that when revealed, its gonna be just not that satisfactory.
Verdict till now: Season 3 is much better than Season 2, but well Season 1 still rules. I just wish T-Bag is killed by Bellick, or vice versa. Hehehe!!

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