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Prison Break S03 ..so far

Season 3, 2 episodes in. And all I can say is, it is already better than Season 2. PB is back to the place which made it such a big hit originally--Breakout. Not Manhunt which dragged down Season 2. Yep, and the most hated and likeable characters are in too. FBI Agent Alex Mahone, and ex-Fox River Guard Bellick, not to forget T-Bag. Sucre is on his pursuit of his girl, Maricruz, but Episode 2 tells us, that Sucre is going to keep away from Maricruz as he gets worried about the future of Maricruz and his unborn child. Some new additions to the gang though. An inmate called Whistler who Michael has to escape with and her Latino girl,a Basketball fan Latin American Teen, Lechero ,a Ganglord who controls the inmates at Sona and an extra hot beeotch,Susan, who keeps reminding Lincoln of his duties . Seems like Season 3's gonna be lotsa fun. But well, I do miss some of the characters-- Sarah,Henry Pope and well the guy who always gets in trouble--Lincoln Junior. Although we have seen a mobile phone footage of him.LOL.Someone try to make him realise what he has made his Uncle and Dad go through. Bloody!! Stupid Arsehole L.J.!! But well, Season 3 is all coming alive because L.J. is under captivity . Hehe.So Thanks,L.J.

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the iPhone is ON

Yeah Babe!! Mr.Ashwin has done it. He has friggin'Done it. Nike--Go give him the sponsorship.The AIRTEL Logo doesn't show though. It Shows a 4 digit Number instead.
The CoverFlow is ..what's the word for it..like "Makkhhann"..(butter i.e.)..Yet to explore MP4 Vids on the new iPhone and experience Vids in 4:3 PanScan and Theatrical Mode WideScreen.
The iPod as Steve Jobs puts it, "the iPhone is the Best iPod ever". And there is no friggin second thoughts about it. Only limitations in India, is the unavalaibility of a fast GSM Internet Connection or for that matter Wi-Fi which handicaps a lot of the abilities of the iPhone. The Mail Client, Google Maps, Youtube and Safari.

So what's next. Mr.Ashwin has suddenly become "the Most-Wanted Guy" in a very tech sense. Donno about other senses(tongue-perfectly-in-my-cheek).But the next concern would be, as Mr.Jobs has a deal with the AT&T guys, the guys with the Blue Globe logo wouldn't be exactly happy over guys like Ashwin cracking the new iPod and using it over a T-Mobile or an Airtel for that matter. So ,Apple would definitely make efforts to undo the unlock,(as in lock it again for AT&T) in the next firmware release. What would Ashwin do then? The Answer he has now...is....Simply IGNORE. Keep a safe distance from the next release of the Firmware and not update it , unless the iPhoneSimFree guys or the anySIM guys come up with a newer version. Until then, I got two words for you Ashwin...one of them is a four lettered word...." ROCK ON"

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Typically Bollywood

There are some lines which have been written to make sense, and some to make sense of Bollywood..forget it , whatever it meant, and just burst out at the following dialogues...

"Tere saamne teri maut khadi hai Kuttay !!"
'Tumhare liye meri jaan bhi haazir hai'
"Mere paas meri mari maa ka ashirwad hai."
"Apne Aaadmiyon se kaho ki bandookein phhek de"
"Dunyaki koi takat hame juda nahi kar sakti"
"Mere hotey huay tumhara koi baal bhi baaka nahin kar sakta"
"Yeh meri maa keh Kangan hai"
"Maa, mujhe Ashirwad de"
"Khabardaar jo Mujhe haath bhee lagaya"
"Tumne apni ma ka dudh piya hai to ..."
"Maa main first class first pass ho gaya hu...."
"Arre, tum to mere bicchade huay bhai ho...Bhaiiiiyaaaaaa"
"Arre paglii yeh to khushi ke aansoon hain"
" Kutte mein tera khoon pee jaoonga " .
"ab ise davaa ki nahi dua ki zaroorat hai. "
Hamare maa baap is shaadi ke liye kabhi raazi nahin honge! Mein tumhaare liye apni Jaan bhi de sakta hoon.Bas ek baar haan keh do.

how can u forget"bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do""nahi.... yeh nahi ho sakta""main kaun hoon? kahan hoon?".. the all time amnesia dialogue

Main tumhare bachche ki maa banne waali hoon..!! :P

"hey bhagwan! ye tune kya kiya""tum ye sadma bardasht nahi kar sakoge"


Haaye.. yeh sunne se pahle main mar kyun nahi gayee...

suniay jee, aaj ghar jaldi aaiyay ga...

i'll b back with more...till then..laugh on..!!!!!!!!!!

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Prison Break Season 3 Premieres

Yes!!!!!!!! September 17 is here. And Michael Scoffield is gonna make me nerves heat up again, he's gonna make my heart race as fast as the Sukhoi, and well, I donno what to say, I am just too much contained in the emotion that Season 3 is finally going to premiere after such a long long wait. Well, for me being in India is definitely gonna be abit problematic. Firstly, Star World hasn't aired Season 2 yet. So most people would say, what the fish is he talking about? Well, my post is majorly concerned with those vampired souls who wake up in the night thinking oh fish, there are two more episodes to be watched. Where did we end at Sseason 2? Scoffield is introduced to the Panama Prison- Sona, and well, the good thing .bad thing about it is, there are no guards AT ALL. Though I missed the 17 minute sneak peek on Fox's website, I have seen some of the Teasers on Youtube, and lemme tell you everyone, Season 3 is gonna be friggin' AWESOME. No Tattoos, no Rules, Michael, Mahone,T-Bag and Bellick under the same roof. WooHoo...

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iPhone is here

The first iPhone is here in front of me. No, it is not mine. And, well though I am burning in envy that my next desk guy, Ashwin has done it , this piece of technical beauty perfectly blended into the genius of Apple has made my jaws drop on the floor literally. I feel I'll ....... ahem ahem...any moment now.Lol. Ok, that was a bit..ahem ahem..... . Sorry Mr.Jobs. But you have done a splendid job.
It came for a handsome 330$ for the 4GB Model. The iPhone however is still not working in India. So how is Mr.Ashwin going to do it.
Well, guys at Engadget have made an entire directory of possible cracks available, from the retailing software--iPhoneSimFree, to the openSource Codes , and the recently announced OpenSource GUI Based iPhone Unlock --anySIM. Ashwin does have many choices. I for now, have just one choice. Wait and watch. And also wait for the month end for my payslip to arrive. Santa , are you friggin listening. I want an iPhone 8GB for the Christmas. I've been a good boy throughout the year. Please hear my prayer, or else ...I shall kick on your bollocks so hard tonite...they gonna be dangling from your nostrils..what say James!!!....yeAHHHH!!!!

Bhaiya...Happy Thanksgivin...Advance Main..Be a Good Bro' and send me an iPhone..please

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Sep.5, 2007. San Fransisco.
Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the next generation of music/media players for 2007 Holiday season. The Next Generation of iPod .The all new jazzed up iPod Shuffle for 79$, the brand new designed iPod Nano(a.k.a Fatty, for obvious reasons) for 149$ and 199$ for the 4GB and 8GB model respectively,the more sized up iPod Classics, 80 GB and 160GB--well I really don't care to get their prices right, the new addition to the iPod family--the iPod touch, 8GB and 16 GB Models for 299$ and 399$ respectively, and well the iPhone to end it all, for an all new eye popping, mind-boggling price of 399$.

So which, one should it be? The moment I was reading this blog here as I kept on refreshing the page,  and as the Apple event began to unfold the best news in Music for this year, the more and more I was getting determined that it was high time for me to get an iPod Nano. An 8gb Media Player, with a dense and bright 2.0"Screen, plays mp3s and AAC,mp4 Videos upto 640X480 resolution, the patent Apple Clickwheel, and stores Photos, Apple's new Coverflow, it has all that I could ask for. But well, they do say also, man is insatiable. There began a conspiracy in my own room, the conspirators being my own roomies and others in my friends circle. The Conspiracy-- Why not the iPod touch? 

The iPod touch --3.5" screen, bright high resolution, entirely touchscreen,Wi-Fi, in short--iPhone minus the PHONE and well a couple of apps including Google Maps and Mail Client.
The 8 GB Model, 299$ just a 100 bucks more than the 8 GB Nano. So, the debate is,..
Point A: Why stick for a Generation minus one model, when Gen Next is here? And that too for just a 100 bucks.
Point B: iPod touch would have a huge flaunt value, probably would even make me lucky in getting...ahem..no I m not using that word. Just a flaunt value. Touchscreen. whoa!!Yeah Mama.
Probably, I could then use this phrase to a girl," Come touch this! "

My Counterpoint A: 100$...Mr.Donald Trump..help Please!!!!!
My Counterpoint B: I travel by public transport- auto rickshaws, six seaters, buses.
My Counterpoint C: 100$

Conspiracy--the sequel:

This wasn't actually meant to happen until this article on engadget came up. iPhone Hacks made official. CNN ,Gizmodo and even enGadget announced the reviews; iPhoneSIMfree.com set up online stores and international affiliates to sell their iPhone unlocking software, and well an open-source iPhone unlock Software EMERGED.
Point A: iPhone is the IN-THING. Touchscreen, Apple's revolutionary User Interface, as Steve Jobs puts it-the best iPod ever, Pinch Zoom for Photos, YouTube, Google Maps, Safari, and it makes calls too. 
Point B: Coverflow, Videos in Landscape, 3.5 inch Screen, and lots of envy for the neighbor.
My Counterpoint A: Additional 100$ to the iPod Touch. Double the price of iPod Nano , something I originally set out to buy.
My Counterpoint B: I have a beautiful,stylish and snazzy MotoRazr V3i, which has an MP3 player which can play 50 songs, 256 MB Card, 1.3 MP Digital Camera. I don't need to add anything. You know the Razr is a good phone. And I bought it last November( Diwali to be precise). And I really feel iffy to buy another phone within a year. Plus there are the minuses of Touchscreen for me, as I travel by public transport, that too in Pune, India. Hmmm. 

So, after all brainstorming, and very deep,intense thoughts inside my head ( sounds like King Julian from Madagascar), I have finally decided to go for....wait for it..........NOTHING.
....for now that is. My neighbour here at work is planning to go for a iPhone and has already ordered one. His iPhone is on the way. So well, pretty much, he is going to be my guinea pig.
Only after I get the visual proof that it REALLY works, may be I will think of going 4 it. Until then, what I can think is " Sab Moh Maaya Hai...Om Shaanti Shaanti Om...."

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Ke Pug Ghnugroo Bandh...

Norma Jean's got Competition. Aaah...she's dead. Meet the New Monroe. ......ain't she a bitch..lol

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Life is a Big Friggin Race

Life is a big race, where I fall behind...

Catching the wrong trains, runnin in the wrong lanes

I have my eyes on the lights,my heads straight up...

the shoe laces are untied,
And I run, and I run, I dont look back
Coz there is no one looking for me..
Just no one....
Its raining now and the road is slippery,
the alleys are dark, and the glass panes have got hazy,
But I dont care to give them a glance,
Coz I have my eyes on the lights..
the Light that gleams at night, and says.................................


Top Models Here...Adults Only..Haha.....

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2b called SIR

Recollecting my Engg days, I can still feel the nervousness, the chill that ran in my spine as I entered the campus of my Engg.College, NIT Silchar. And my first day after admission in my hostel, well it all started with a brief hi and a hello to my classmates who had also come pursuing a dream of nothing more than making money,lol. No one comes to Engg these days hoping to make revolutionary machine designs, or writing innovations about renewable energy sources. Its all about moolah, and how much you can make it. But well, coming back to the story, here I am talking to these new bunch of people whom I never knew a while ago, from different parts of my country, and then suddenly Scene 2.

Scene 2 starts with a kick on the door. A person enters, with an approx height of 6 ft, and biceps that only indicate that he has spent more hours in the gymn than in attending lectures, hair so long that he looked like a character from Diamond Comics( Billoo for those who know it). And then, we all stand up( for the Real Slim Shady, lol). He enters and asks a fellow, what's the color of my underwear? The guy replies, "sorry SIR". That would be the first time I heard someone call a guy ,probably not more than 2 years elder to us, SIR. Was I taken by surprise? Hell No.
Because all my surprise got diluted with the events that followed. 3 months . 3 months we spent in wishing everyone who entered our rooms. Even if it was our fellow mate, we cudnt afford 2 miss calling anyone SIR, well solely for the reason of getting a Krack-Jack in return if we failed to do so. And well, it did not stop after those 3 months.

A year passed, and I was in my 3rd Semester. And as they say, History repeats itself. And well, I found myself, on the other side . It was me kicking on the door. Well, I didn't have the bulging biceps to flaunt and the long hair to scare the new "bakras", but yeah, I did receive my fair share of being called "SIR" for the next 3 years. So even if I get my knighthood one day (not even in the wildest of dreams, lol..similar to Phoebe Buffay accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for being a wonderful masseuse)I'll remember what it really meant to be called a SIR in those days, and well, the thousand respectful, intricate, hidden messages embedded in the word.

Hahaa....and well that One Knight still stands.
And that my friend , is what I call the Intro of this Blog. I shall post more and more until Blogger burns out eh!And well, this is gonna be carrying everything and anything, bloggable, non-bloggable, abusive, responsive, get ur own nouns.

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